Services to Sailing & Motor Yachts

The Leatherworker offers a tailormade, heavy duty leather protection service to the marine industry in Palma de Mallorca. Details of the various products and services offered can be found in the following pages.

We use excellent quality, marine grade leather and, where stitching is required, this is all done completely by hand using heavy duty waxed thread.
Anti-Chafe Guards
A removable anti-chaff guard can be supplied with Velcro or it can also be a stitched slideable sleeve so that it can be placed wherever necessary on the line. This is ideal for straighter parts of line where protection requirements change according to the mooring. We often stitch additional reinforcement strips of leather lengthways along the entire length of the anti-chafe guard for added protection.
Backstays / Bottlescrews
These can be made to fit tightly so that they are fixed in situ or they can be made to slide up and down for cleaning and/or adjustment purposes. Either one or two seams are used, depending upon the shape of the part to be covered. Sometimes two seams are necessary in order to create a uniform and symmetrical approach. A small proud seam is left as this ensures that the seam does not pull apart over time when the leather tries to shrink. Furthermore, the stitches are protected by the leather, thereby providing a double benefit.
Bimini Rails
Left bare these can be very slippery or cold to touch and often we are asked to cover them with leather. We generally use chrome-dressed hide and they are mostly hand-stitched in situ due to the size of them.
Leather is moulded and fitted to the chocks very tightly to ensure a snug fit and usually fixed in the traditional manner, using copper nails. We do not use vast quantities of glue nor do we use foam rubber as padding, as it generally rots. If padding is required we either use additional strips of leather underneath or neoprene, as agreed with the customer.
Emergency Light & Line Bag
A smart and durable way to store the emergency light and line on board with easy access. We normally use a grey leather with a white PVC coating as it is waterproof on the outside and durable on the inside. Each bag has a top and bottom adjustable strap so that it can be easily fixed to the lifeline as can be seen in the photo. Alternatively, we use grey, chrome-dressed elk hide with a reinforced top and bottom. Both versions have a small hole in the base to enable water to drain through.
Fender Brackets
Various shapes and sizes can be accommodated and a wide choice of leather is available to match the boat’s colour scheme. We generally use full grain, vegetable-tanned hide on the outside, which has a smooth, glossy finish. We use chrome-dressed hide as the lining as it is soft, water resistant, does not compress and does not scratch varnish or paintwork. As water is repelled it also repels grit and any other dirt that would otherwise become trapped in other materials that are often used to line fender brackets. If the brackets are sent to us for re-covering there are times when the bracket does not fit the capping rail snugly, in which case we will visit the boat with one of each size of bracket to ensure a good fit with the use of padding and leather.
Heaving Line Bags
As the name suggests, these handy and attractive little items are attached to a lightweight line, which in turn, is attached to the heavy mooring line, to assist when docking. Made using chrome-dressed grey, brown or black leather, which is water resistant and very durable. A 16mm eyelet protects and reinforces the hole made to take the lightweight line. Approximate weight 500kgs: heavy enough to throw but light enough not to cause injury to an unfortunate person standing in the wrong place at the wrong time!
Lifeline Terminal Ends/Stantions
We cover both of these if they are likely to cause damage or injury. Examples can be seen in the photos. The top rail tends to be covered as shown in the image, but the bottom rail is covered as far as the turnbuckle and held in place with very tight stitches.
Mooring Lines
Any diameter of line can be accommodated, and any part of the line can be covered. Eyes can be covered fully or partially, according to the customer’s requirements. Heavy duty chrome-dressed hide is fitted tightly around the line and hand-stitched, using the traditional saddler´s stitch. As a matter of course an additional rubbing pad is fitted at the point where the line takes the most wear against the bollard.
Pulley Blocks
These can take the form of a simple cover or they can be made with additional padding, according to the customer’s requirements and the design of the pulley blocks. Any type of leather can be used, and usually depends upon the type of boat or the boat´s colour scheme. The consistent rule of thumb is that vegetable-tanned hide requires after-care in the form of regular applications of a good hide food whereas the chrome-dressed hide is water-resistant and does not require cream to be applied.
Spinnaker and Jockey Poles
These can be covered to a greater or lesser extent according to the customer’s requirements. Heavy duty chrome-dressed hide is fitted tightly around the pole and hand-stitched, using the traditional saddler´s stitch.
Any size of wheel can be accommodated and a wide choice of colours of leather is available. The leather cover is made to measure and hand-stitched in situ, using the smart cross-stitch, providing a firm and comfortable grip. We provide the complete service and do not provide DIY kit wheel covers.
Winch Handle Holster
A practical and durable way to store a winch handle. The additional height on the back panel helps to prevent the winch handle from causing damage and both back and front are reinforced to provide additional support and rigidity. Available in chrome-dressed hide with a choice of  grey, brown or black or in vegetable-tanned hide and available in cognac (mid brown), dark brown and black. If vegetable-tanned hide is chosen it is important to remember that regular applications of a good hide food will be required to maintain the condition of the leather.